What To Say To Her: New Pick-Up Blueprint

Hey guys, first watch the original video on how to talk to a girl:

Next, check out this shocking email I got from the PUA mastermind himself about his brand new What To Say methods:

[NEW] What To Say That Works Every Time

” Sweltering heat. I was in New York City.

The air conditioning in my tiny, crappy apartment was broken. I had to get outside.

I was hoping to get some shade. Like a laser beam — my eyes honed in on — an extremely gorgeous group of girls. I was not gonna let the opportunity pass. (I was still nervous. I’d be lying to tell you I did not have that “tingling” feeling in my hands.)

Those girls, most likely, were the reason why the heat was blistering hot that day.

I did what what I had to do. I scurried up behind them with a devilish grin on my face.

What I did next… it shocked those girls! Yet, I had a step-by-step effective plan. I used a powerful – yet super fun – trick from Pg. 117 of What To Say.

What To Say To Her

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If you find yourself really nervous to approach women during the day… the one I did is stupidly simple. (And you actually want to be nervous to pull it off!)

Let’s rewind a little bit. Now before I could do any of that… I used to freak out and would miss the opportunity — to talk to a group of beautiful women like that.

Having the confidence to go up and talk to girls… my confidence used to be totally rotten… I was too scared to open up my mouth. I had a blind panic thinking about what to do.

I thought…
…no way is it gonna work for me
…she is not the kinda girl who would like me
… I have no confidence to do or say anything to her

I was worthless to women.

Yet — I cracked the code on the “Attraction Phase” of the interaction. (Banter, Demonstrate High Value, Qualify).

Man, suddenly, I had it…

The Password To Unlock Any Woman’s Mind

It was crazy how it made the “Attraction Phase” laughably easy. My friends were shocked. I was shocked at how well it works (and it’s insane how well it works when your nervous)

If you wanna check out the “password” to unlock any woman’s mind… check it out here.

You won’t wanna miss it.



P.S. These tips are gonna be a colossal game-changer when you go out at night.

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Can you guess who it’s from?

This new What To Say blueprint is only intended to be used by those who are desperate and will wield its power responsibly.

Do you believe this new blueprint is really as effective as he claims?

If you want him to put his money where his mouth is, you obviously haven’t been introduced to his original creation.

If you’d like to know more about his credentials and what he has done for me and my friends personally, check out our blog posts.

Otherwise, go ahead and:

Watch The “What To Say” Video That Will Blow Your Mind!

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