The Magic of Making Up

Hey again guys! Jeroen here once more to share with you this time The Magic of Making Up review and free video presentation from T-Dub.

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Get her back with the Magic of Making UpBreaking up may be sad… but what’s even more of a depressing though is that the VAST majority of these rocky relationships can easily be salvaged. Well… most people who have just been dumped may be a bit offended if we say “easily”…

The fact is… people that work TOO hard to prevent a break up or spend too much time and energy trying to get back together with their ex accomplish just the opposite.

Remember that awkward feeling you get the next morning after your storm of text messaging terrorism you blasted your girlfriend or your ex with over the past few days?

It’s very difficult to channel your energy in a relationship in the right direction sometimes. The emotions and feelings are so strong that they quickly become misguided

That usually leads to a lot of regret… doesn’t it? We just keep digging a deeper hole every time we reach out to her…

How can we just break through? There has GOT to be a way we can remedy this…

Well… if you think that… then you’re well ahead of most guys who got dumped or feel as though they are about to be broken up with.

It means you still have your dignity, confidence, and self belief.

Keep it! You’re gonna need it if you plan to use the following counter-intuitive and controversial measures to get her back or improve your relationship.

Let’s take a quick look at T-Dub’s first video on “The Magic of Making Up”…

The Magic of Making Up – Review This To Get Her Back:


I watched this video a few years ago, and I thought… “This is supposedly the trick of making up…?” Really…?

T-Dub may not necessarily be a master at making videos…

A lot of the things he said in this introductory Magic of Making Up video initially sounds like it would just DOOM your relationship even further… right?

That is… if there is anything left of your relationship.

I always figured, “Yeah right! I’m not going to AGREE to break up… or claim that I want more freedom…”

Back in my college days, I took a required psychology elective.

I learned about reverse psychology… Nowadays, you seem to hear about it a lot.

Anyways, afterwards it kinda began to click…

Things 90% of people try to prevent a break up or to get back with their ex…. DOESN’T WORK!

I watched T-Dub’s video again, and I started thinking… “He’s got a point.”

How to get your ex backWomen are more inclined to use their emotional brain rather than their logical side of it in and around a relationship.

If you just casually and nonchalantly¬†AGREE that you need space and a breakup may be the best for both of you…

Imagine the EMOTIONAL SHOCK that would overcome her!

Now before you go out and try such drastic measures…

Let me WARN YOU!

You do not want to go about this all wrong, so I’d recommend you first watch these next videos and read T-Dub’s story:

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The magic of making up doesn’t seem so much like “magic” now… does it?


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