How To Date Multiple Women At The Same Time

You don’t want How To Date Multiple Women!

You don’t.

Why am I saying this?

Well, it is Josh’s most controversial product.

Feel free to check out the controversy here.

People unsubscribe, some call him the devil etc.

A lot of the times he asks these guys, “OK, if you could wave a magic wand and have what you want in dating? What would it be?”

The most common answer…

“Well I would have a bed full of beauties, really hot women, like maybe 20, and they all adore me. Then, out of those 20 I choose my one!”

No joke.

Here’s the main reason why many people freak out over dating more than one girl at the same time:  they must eliminate insecurities their ego loves. And, they hate the thought of that.

He says this, “My most elite clients are the guys who are How To Date Multiple Women students.”

They lose jealousy, they truly begin to grasp women . Women no longer become some complicated riddle. For some, the beliefs to truly be a guy who “get’s it” with women, is just too much.

Yet, I will leave you with this powerful lesson: WOMEN HATE ANY SORT OF INSECURITY!

See this picture:

How To Date Multiple Women

You can date all of those girls….

You can have the ability to know each and every one’s personality (guys love the “Playboy In A Day” personality typing system included in this controversial course — they are most likely “Explorers” and “Performers” btw)

If you think you can handle it…

Check It Out Here

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