How To Approach Women Like This…

Elevators… When was the last time you got into an elevator and a gorgeous woman was on it (or any other “close-encounter”)

And you had a nice smooth “non-reactive” body language reaction…

Ok… Right now, picture this: This girl, in this exact outfit, gets on a long elevator ride with you…

How To Approach Women That Look Like This

Let’s say there are a few other people on the elevator.

She makes eye contact with you… turns her back, searches for her floor, and you see the button light up after she presses it.

What is your body doing? Are you stiffening up a bit? Maybe clenching your mouth? Perhaps not trying to check her out?

Then, maybe… the mind starts to race… Often, this all happens in a matter of milliseconds.

I’ll let you in on something, being nervous here, a good thing. Yes. Nerves are a good thing. However, your reaction of “oh my god hot girl…

Time to change everything in how I stand, stare, move around” is killing your chances.

Instead… You want to have the right kind of reaction to her.

A wrong reaction is the acting-like-her-looks-don’t-impress-you. They do.

So faking it… no bueno. And, it’s not the stiff reaction either.

The reaction should be confident, projecting you have value, and that your not scared to take advantage of this opportunity!

It’s most likely a great place to deliver a very direct opener… she will light up for you. How would you like to have the right reaction around really attractive women?

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