Dating Tips For Men – Meeting Women Using The Tao System From Joshua

The Tao system was intended to provide dating tips for men all around the world.

Many doubted it would have any real impact on men meeting women and them having a better chance of building real attraction just by reading The Tao of Badass PDF or signing up for the video series membership.

Is It Worth It?

Before actually going through any of the material of The Tao of  The Badass, most people tend to just dismiss it as some psychological BS and common sense dating tips for men.

People figured it would say things like, “Just smile more” or “Don’t be afraid to approach women out of the blue” or “Just buy them a drink… that should do the trick”. Some even thought the Tao system was created to trick women into being attracted to men like some love spell.

Understandably, people are always going to be apprehensive when such a controversial product comes to the market before a full investigation has been conducted.

However, the fact is that the aforementioned assumptions the majority of people had were truly myths.

The Tao system Josh designed was actually based on years and years of research and field experiments. The research he did on the best practices for men meeting women and being successful did in fact consist of reading dozens of psychology books.

However, when he wrote the Tao of Badass ebook, Joshua Pellicer wrote it in a way regular guys could actually understand. Let’s have a look at the credibility of Mr. Pellicer as a dating coach, pick up artist, and law of attraction master: check out this post/video.

Myth!Most guys figured women were interested in three things: money, big muscles, or good looks. That is the biggest myth ever! Beautiful women are attracted to guys who are truly confident, interesting, mysterious, can provide security, and those who make all the right moves. With some subtle body language, you can completely dominate the interaction between you and a beautiful woman.

Did you know that there is actually a way that you can interact with a girl that will make her instantly horny and want to go home with you just by using your eyes!

Also, did you know that there is a method called triangulation that you can use to tell when a girl wants to kiss you? Hint: it has to do with how she looks at your eyes and your mouth.

The Tao system is a compilation of teachings that demonstrate a confidence belief system. Rather than guys pretending to be confident in meeting women, it teaches them how to actually become confident in approaching girls.

It then also shows them what steps to take to turn the interaction into attraction, how to turn that attraction into building rapport, and even how to have the girl fall in love with him (if that is what he desires). These teachings can certainly be used for guys to get lucky just for one night, but this perceptibly “controversial” system is NOT designed to trick women.

There is no need for trickery with what is taught.

It’s all about how to make yourself more attractive to women with your body language, voice tone, and whether you can pass her compliance tests. Compliance tests are part of a girls inherent filtering mechanism provided to her through the evolution of mankind. She uses them to weed out the weak males and find out who is interesting enough to continue an interaction with.

See What’s In Ultimate Package

So what’s an example of a woman’s compliance test? Well, if she asks you to watch-my-pursewatch her purse while she goes to the lady’s room, do you comply? See… the Tao systems teaches you exactly how to handle these common situations to build attraction, rapport, and then love.

It has successfully taught thousands of regular guys around the world how to have more beautiful women attracted to them, how to prevent them from cheating on them, how to get their ex-girlfriend back, and even some sneaky techniques on coercing a girl to fall in love with them that never fail! 

So, now that you’ve seen this really works with regular guys, and they’re not just meeting women, they’re actually attracting beautiful women easily, would you like to watch a free sneak peek video presentation on some foolproof techniques you can start using today? Become an attraction ninja yourself:

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