Josh Pellicer is known for many different things. Mainly, he is a radio talk show host on the Sirius XM show called Game On. He discusses the many different aspects of relationships and provides dating tips for men. He shares his research and experience on how men can become more confident in their interactions with women. Whether guys want to learn how to pick up girls, build attraction, have women fall in love with them, get their ex-girlfriend back, or even how to stop/prevent his girlfriend from cheating on him, this is all covered in his show.

He is also a relationship expert and dating advice coach. He takes his students out in the field and gives them expert guidance on how to approach strange women on the street. He will take them to busy areas, such as in downtown Manhattan, and initially provides them with pointers on how to go about the initial approach and how the interaction should proceed. From a distance, he monitors their interactions and them gives them feedback on their experience. After many such sessions, guys most definitely become much better at approaching women the right way and building attraction and rapport between them.

Guys From "Game On" and The Tao of BadassSince his radio show and personal coaching has become so successful in helping thousands of men from all over the world who come to visit Pellicer, he has decided to create a PDF e-book and membership series called The Tao of Badass‘Tao’ literally means ‘way’, so ‘The Tao of Badass‘ actually means ‘The Way of The Badass’. It has been expertly authored to help guys become a badass with women. Joshua does this through showing his readers and followers a confidence belief system that truly makes them more attractive to better-looking women.

Josh and Tim Houston also hold regular webinars to help people around the world live via the internet. Attendees can watch the guys (on the left) on their computer screen and ask them questions live to get personal coaching on their unique relationship situation.

Joshua is happily in a relationship, but Tim remains single because he claims it to be “…too much fun!”