The Tao of Badass Hype? Why It’s So Controversial

Hey hey! There’s been quite some buzz going around about the Tao system! It’s been blowing up way out of proportions…

…but… what exactly is the whole deal with his book? Let’s review who Josh Pellicer really is and what he and his book are all about..

Josh Pellicer On The Today Show

Outside The Tao System – Joshua’s Exclusive… 
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What has pop culture taught us?

…And why do so many consider this book to be so controversial?

NOTE: This is a review of my (Jeroen Waning‘s) very own experience with Joshua’s system… So…

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Firstly, please keep in mind that you should always take everything you read online with a grain of salt. There are many reviews out there, and I highly suggest you read as many of them as possible and draw your own conclusion about this “highly-revered” system.

Silhouette of a womanEveryone’s individual experiences and interactions with hot women will vary, and I can tell you from experience… it is absolutely NOT for everyone!

The Tao system is not some “cure-all” magic bullet that will solve all of your problems just by reading it alone. So… does that mean it’s just hype? Absolutely not.

It just means you have to be prepared to take it all in and then practice, practice, practice. Then again, it was actually much easier than I thought, and everything seemed to really fall into place more naturally.

Think of it like playing Call of Duty. You’re not going to dominate… unless you practice first. Yet, a strategy guide can make all the difference… right?

Well… this is a bit more than just a simple strategy guide…

If you’re not motivated to take action and go through the steps, just save yourself the time and go back to settling for the 5’s and 6’s… and back to playing Call of Duty…

Hey… there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s all about what you want out of life.

However, is there really an attraction cheat sheet that works for all hot, single women?

Can you really prevent your girlfriend from cheating on you, get out of the friend zone, etc?

Once I cracked open The Tao of Badass (with much skepticism I might add), I was instantly hypnotized… And, no, it wasn’t because of some picture of a really sexy chick…

You know… every time I try something new because of some craze or hype, I tend to really have my guard up, and honestly, I’m pretty pessimistic and doubtful. I consider myself to be very different from most people, and generally, I’m very opinionated about stuff…

Just like every guy that considers himself to be above average, I told myself, “Ha.. I don’t need help with meeting women… but… let’s just see what all this attract-hotter-women talk is all about.

It can’t be too much of a waste of time…”

Of course, subconsciously, I really wanted any help I could get because I was getting sick and tired of settling for girls that were just obviously attracted to me… and that always just took the fun out of things for me.

Besides… they weren’t hot… trust me!

Anyways… back to what’s in The Tao of Badass PDF (the video series and membership are a whole other entity on their own).

What’s Inside The Tao of Badass Anyways…?

Well… I obviously can’t regurgitate all of it here. It’s just so much incredibly potent information (and somehow I get the feeling that it may violate some kinda intellectual property infringement and copyright laws if I were to just post it verbatim here).

However, I can tell you this: not a single nugget of information in The Tao of Badass PDF was anything like I expected. I mean… once I started reading it… I just could not stop. Unlike some psychological jargon or self-help mumbo jumbo, everything became so clear to me.

All the pieces of the puzzle came together about how you can:

  • Become more confident (not pretend) through body language, voice tones, etc (not what you think)
  • Make one woman instantly attracted to you by pushing her right buttons without her realizing it (hijacking her emotional brain)
  • Then immediately having all the other women attracted to you as well (the goldfish effect)
  • Overcome your fear of approaching strange women
  • Tell when a girl undoubtedly wants to kiss you
  • Make a girl think about getting in bed with you just by the way you use your eyes
  • Avoid doing/saying subtleties that turn her off
  • Get out of the friendzone (no matter how long you’ve known each other)
  • Build attraction
  • Turn attraction into rapport
  • Even turn rapport into her falling in love (YES, there is actually a proven formula to have a girl fall in love with you – VERY controversial & MUST NOT be abused!)
  • Get a girlfriend
  • Prevent her from ever cheating on you
  • Break up like a man (if you’re currently stuck in a crappy relationship)
  • Do all this with the 9’s and 10’s (instead of the 5’s and 6’s)

…And that does not even begin to scratch the surface…

Listen… what really surprised me was the fact that the Tao system is more than just about attracting really hot women… infallibly… over and over and over again (although it is extremely effective for that). This system literally teaches you the way of the badass.

It will make you more sociableSo yes, you will become a badass with women, but this esoteric philosophy just makes you a more amiable, more sociable, more generally “attractive” person.

That means it has HUGE positive implications for any aspect of your daily social life.


Because… it will improve your interactions with your boss, coworkers, friends, etc and you will certainly make more friends, be more inclined to receive a promotion, and just make other people really like you (regardless of how long you’ve already known them).

Just get ready to put yourself back in control… allow yourself to take the driver’s seat, and start dating the women you actually dream of dating… Stop settling… I did.

So is Josh Pellicer and The Tao of Badass something I would recommend to my very best friend? Umm… he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it after seeing my transformation, so yes, Matt already has it too (and Chris)… BECAUSE it really WORKS!

goldfish-videoHow can a goldfish help you get lucky? Click here for the free video

Anyways guys, good luck! It certainly comes highly recommended in my book, but remember, everyone is unique.

Please leave any comments or questions below.

“I Need A Girlfriend” – Using The Tao System To Find A Girlfriend

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Some guys who are looking to meet new people, particularly girls, are just wanting to get lucky, but there are many others who just want to know how to find a girlfriend. The Tao System was designed for those who keep telling themselves “I need a girlfriend” all the same. In fact, The Tao System teaches you a confidence belief mechanism that teaches you every aspect of interacting with women. Whether you want to learn how to get a girlfriend, how to prevent your girlfriend from cheating on you, getting out of the friend zone, or how to attract girls in general, the core principles of The Tao of Badass are centered around addressing all of the issues as a whole.

The Tao System: How To Find A Girlfriend

“I need a girlfriend… Help me now!”

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How To Find A GirlfriendYou can see how important it is to know yourself and how to categorize yourself before you go out and meet people.

Determining in which quadrant you fit based on your personality (judger vs. perceiver, hunter vs. gatherer, etc) will be the first step in learning how to find a girlfriend.

The initial attraction and seduction process is the same for just trying to get lucky or finding a girlfriend. However, the differences come when it is time to build rapport that ultimately leads to love. Click here for an overview of all relationship advice on this site.

In The Tao of Badass PDF, you will learn all of the basic component that set you up for success with women. However, in the video series that accompanies the full Tao System (along with the PDF) is what will show you exactly what to do and how to practice the steps in your ideal environment.

If you would like to watch an example video from The Tao System on how to find a girlfriend:

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Another Big Mistake You’re Making

The next big mistake that men make all too commonly (after pecking) is revealing too much positive body language too quickly, or doing it for no reason. Far too many men approach girls they don’t know and immediately face them straight and send various other positive signals with their bodies.

That projects “I’m thinking about you a lot, and I’m also not going to make you chase me whatsoever. Here I am. Take it or leave it.” She’s going to leave it since taking it means making a large dedication if you give her that option.

Make frequent modifications to your body language to avoid this. Lean to the left or right, examine your shoulder, lean back on your feet if you’re facing her directly. Don’t lean forwards with your back or hips– if you’re going to lean in any direction, lean on your feet.

You can discover descriptions, videos, and photos of this in the Members Only Area if it seems complicated right here. Leaning back on your feet creates a little distance between yourself and the woman you’re speaking to, which suggests to her that you are prepared to leave if things don’t go right or she is not up to your requirements.

When a woman is regularly thinking that you may leave her, she will give you great deals of favorable body language. Beware not to reciprocate.

You can even turn your back on her every now and again. Throughout the attraction stage of a communication, you are expected to be lively and enjoyable, so attempt quoting a fast joke, then reversing and taking a number of steps away from her while she’s chuckling, then coming back to her with a smile on your face.

This will increase destination with body language very rapidly. You also should not give positive body language when a lady does something that you do not like, even if she’s just function playing.

Your feedback ought to be to turn your back a little bit and provide her unfavorable body movement, while saying “Okay, you can start as my sister then maybe you can update later on to something like a distant relative or a far-off buddy.” You can function have fun with her, but don’t provide her positive body movement when she is being unfavorable, even if she indicates to do it in a lively method.

If you give her that choice, she’s going to leave it because taking it suggests making an enormous commitment.

Make frequent changes to your body language to prevent this. This will enhance attraction with body language extremely rapidly. You likewise must not give favorable body language when a lady does something that you do not like, even if she’s just role playing.

Dating Advice Warning for Guys: What Is Pecking? Are You Doing It?

You know when you’re at the club or at a bar or even perhaps at a concert? Maybe the music is loud or people are drunk and obnoxious. Either way, you’re trying to have a conversation with somebody, but instead of talking over the background noise, you lean forward to talk into that person’s ear…

See all of our tips

Then… when you’re done talking you lean back. Maybe when they start talking, you lean forward again so you can hear. When they finish talking, you lean back once again.

Pecking Woodpecker (Analogy)You continue to lean back and forth… back and forth… in a pecking motion. It kinda makes you feel like a pecking chicken… doesn’t it?

Well guess what? This is a major turn-off when interacting with a girl. It shows to her that you’re putting in a lot of effort in order to interact with her, so she must undoubtedly really mean something to you… even though you’ve perhaps just approached her for the very first time.

Another big mistake guys make in this situation is: they face the girl with their chest pointed directly at her. This makes you come off as needy to her subconscious filtering mechanism.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’re facing one way (away from a person at an angle), but they are facing you with their chest and face pointed directly at you. From your peripheral vision, it kinda makes it look like they’re staring at you… peering deep down into your soul. It makes you feel uncomfortable… doesn’t it?

So what’s the right way to approach and interact with a girl for the very first time in a situation such as this?

Approach Mechanism Tips For Men

Well… obviously you’re going to want to avoid the aforementioned body language and subconscious signs that are screaming to her, “reject me… reject me! I’m a sad, insecure little boy. Don’t waste you’re time with me!”

Firstly, you want to approach her indirectly. Do not walk directly towards her with your whole body facing her. Just walk at a slight angle as if you were to walk past her. Make sure you take big, confident steps when walking (again, not directly towards her). Pull your shoulders down without pushing out your chest. Keep your chin up and look around over everybody as if you are the man and you own the place (only with your body language).

When stopping in her vicinity, keep your body facing slightly away from her at an angle (especially your chest). When speaking to her, do not lean in. Make sure your voice is loud, clear, and confident. If she can’t hear what you say… say it again, but don’t lean in. Let her be the one to lean in.

If she responds in a soft-spoken voice to where you can’t hear her, again, do not lean in. Just rotate your head at a slight angle to point your ear towards he mouth. Never move your whole body towards her where you’re pivoting at the hips.

During the stage where you’re trying to build attraction, you cannot let your body give you away. Her subconscious filtering mechanism needs to be left guessing. You have to come off as someone that is very confident in themselves and doesn’t have any fears about talking to any strange people or being the focus of attention. Remember, you don’t have to be the focus of attention… just show with your body language that you wouldn’t care if you were.

Did you make this mistake? Bro… let me help you with a TON of free stuff (attraction mastery videos, PDFs, audio, and much more).

“Why would you send me free stuff…?” – You

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Erik von Markovik: The Mystery Method

Erik von Markovik (Mystery Method)So perhaps you’ve seen the popular TV show “The Pickup Artist” and/or heard of Erik von Markovik (AKA Mystery).

Mystery is probably one of the most famous pickup artists, and this isn’t just because of his television show  that aired on VH1.

Erik von Markovik has developed The Mystery Method that teaches guys how to follow in his footsteps of becoming a pickup artist themselves.

His flamboyant attire makes him easily distinguishable in a crowd so most women have come to recognize him before he even has a chance to work his magic. However, he has been passing down his art and mainly works with his two friends James Matador and Justin Marks.

Matador and Marks were also with Mystery in The Pickup Artist (season 1), but they are also friends and pickup girls in real life together as well.

You’ll find them honing their skills frequently but in places you may not readily expect.

They can really pick up girls anywhere, like at the park during the day, or during any social gathering.

Mystery has developed his own training course that closely resembles Josh Pellicer’s.

If you are interested in becoming a pickup artist yourself, I would strongly suggest you check out this page.

Dating Tips For Men – Meeting Women Using The Tao System From Joshua

The Tao system was intended to provide dating tips for men all around the world.

Many doubted it would have any real impact on men meeting women and them having a better chance of building real attraction just by reading The Tao of Badass PDF or signing up for the video series membership.

Is It Worth It?

Before actually going through any of the material of The Tao of  The Badass, most people tend to just dismiss it as some psychological BS and common sense dating tips for men.

People figured it would say things like, “Just smile more” or “Don’t be afraid to approach women out of the blue” or “Just buy them a drink… that should do the trick”. Some even thought the Tao system was created to trick women into being attracted to men like some love spell.

Understandably, people are always going to be apprehensive when such a controversial product comes to the market before a full investigation has been conducted.

However, the fact is that the aforementioned assumptions the majority of people had were truly myths.

The Tao system Josh designed was actually based on years and years of research and field experiments. The research he did on the best practices for men meeting women and being successful did in fact consist of reading dozens of psychology books.

However, when he wrote the Tao of Badass ebook, Joshua Pellicer wrote it in a way regular guys could actually understand. Let’s have a look at the credibility of Mr. Pellicer as a dating coach, pick up artist, and law of attraction master: check out this post/video.

Myth!Most guys figured women were interested in three things: money, big muscles, or good looks. That is the biggest myth ever! Beautiful women are attracted to guys who are truly confident, interesting, mysterious, can provide security, and those who make all the right moves. With some subtle body language, you can completely dominate the interaction between you and a beautiful woman.

Did you know that there is actually a way that you can interact with a girl that will make her instantly horny and want to go home with you just by using your eyes!

Also, did you know that there is a method called triangulation that you can use to tell when a girl wants to kiss you? Hint: it has to do with how she looks at your eyes and your mouth.

The Tao system is a compilation of teachings that demonstrate a confidence belief system. Rather than guys pretending to be confident in meeting women, it teaches them how to actually become confident in approaching girls.

It then also shows them what steps to take to turn the interaction into attraction, how to turn that attraction into building rapport, and even how to have the girl fall in love with him (if that is what he desires). These teachings can certainly be used for guys to get lucky just for one night, but this perceptibly “controversial” system is NOT designed to trick women.

There is no need for trickery with what is taught.

It’s all about how to make yourself more attractive to women with your body language, voice tone, and whether you can pass her compliance tests. Compliance tests are part of a girls inherent filtering mechanism provided to her through the evolution of mankind. She uses them to weed out the weak males and find out who is interesting enough to continue an interaction with.

See What’s In Ultimate Package

So what’s an example of a woman’s compliance test? Well, if she asks you to watch-my-pursewatch her purse while she goes to the lady’s room, do you comply? See… the Tao systems teaches you exactly how to handle these common situations to build attraction, rapport, and then love.

It has successfully taught thousands of regular guys around the world how to have more beautiful women attracted to them, how to prevent them from cheating on them, how to get their ex-girlfriend back, and even some sneaky techniques on coercing a girl to fall in love with them that never fail! 

So, now that you’ve seen this really works with regular guys, and they’re not just meeting women, they’re actually attracting beautiful women easily, would you like to watch a free sneak peek video presentation on some foolproof techniques you can start using today? Become an attraction ninja yourself:

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Who Is Josh Pellicer?

Picture of Joshua Pellicer

Joshua Pellicer is best known for the ultra popular The Tao of Badass PDF and membership site. He is one of the top dating coaches and provides dating tips for men by the thousands around the world. He has been on television including popular shows, such as the Today Show.

He has helped many overcome their fears of approaching women by teaching them a confidence belief system and certain techniques that make them more attractive to women. The Tao of Badass literally means “the way of the badass”, and it signifies a philosophy adopted by many regular guys that aim to up their game”.

A quick excerpt of this philosophy is, for example, the importance of creating the perception of propinquity in a woman through the use of systematic techniques that drive attraction.

We’ve decided to create this blog about Josh to share updates about his teachings and techniques on things like how to:

Please stay tuned for updates! Leave comments below.