The Tao of Badass Hype? Why It’s So Controversial

Hey hey! There’s been quite some buzz going around about the Tao system! It’s been blowing up way out of proportions…

…but… what exactly is the whole deal with his book? Let’s review who Josh Pellicer really is and what he and his book are all about.

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Josh Pellicer On The Today Show

Outside The Tao System – Joshua’s Exclusive… 
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What has pop culture taught us?

…And why do so many consider this book to be so controversial?

NOTE: This is a review of my (Jeroen Waning‘s) very own experience with Joshua’s system… So…

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Firstly, please keep in mind that you should always take everything you read online with a grain of salt. There are many reviews out there, and I highly suggest you read as many of them as possible and draw your own conclusion about this “highly-revered” system.

Silhouette of a womanEveryone’s individual experiences and interactions with hot women will vary, and I can tell you from experience… it is absolutely NOT for everyone!

The Tao system is not some “cure-all” magic bullet that will solve all of your problems just by reading it alone. So… does that mean it’s just hype? Absolutely not.

It just means you have to be prepared to take it all in and then practice, practice, practice. Then again, it was actually much easier than I thought, and everything seemed to really fall into place more naturally.

Think of it like playing Call of Duty. You’re not going to dominate… unless you practice first. Yet, a strategy guide can make all the difference… right?

Well… this is a bit more than just a simple strategy guide…

If you’re not motivated to take action and go through the steps, just save yourself the time and go back to settling for the 5’s and 6’s… and back to playing Call of Duty…

Hey… there’s nothing wrong with that! It’s all about what you want out of life.

However, is there really an attraction cheat sheet that works for all hot, single women?

Can you really prevent your girlfriend from cheating on you, get out of the friend zone, etc?

Once I cracked open The Tao of The Badass (with much skepticism I might add), I was instantly hypnotized… And, no, it wasn’t because of some picture of a really sexy chick…

You know… every time I try something new because of some craze or hype, I tend to really have my guard up, and honestly, I’m pretty pessimistic and doubtful. I consider myself to be very different from most people, and generally, I’m very opinionated about stuff…

Just like every guy that considers himself to be above average, I told myself, “Ha.. I don’t need help with meeting women… but… let’s just see what all this attract-hotter-women talk is all about.

It can’t be too much of a waste of time…”

Of course, subconsciously, I really wanted any help I could get because I was getting sick and tired of settling for girls that were just obviously attracted to me… and that always just took the fun out of things for me.

Besides… they weren’t hot… trust me!

Anyways… back to what’s in PDF (the video series and membership are a whole other entity on their own).

What’s Inside The Tao of Badass Anyways…?

Well… I obviously can’t regurgitate all of it here. It’s just so much incredibly potent information (and somehow I get the feeling that it may violate some kinda intellectual property infringement and copyright laws if I were to just post it verbatim here).

However, I can tell you this: not a single nugget of information in The Tao of Badass PDF was anything like I expected. I mean… once I started reading it… I just could not stop. Unlike some psychological jargon or self-help mumbo jumbo, everything became so clear to me.

All the pieces of the puzzle came together about how you can:

  • Become more confident (not pretend) through body language, voice tones, etc (not what you think)
  • Make one woman instantly attracted to you by pushing her right buttons without her realizing it (hijacking her emotional brain)
  • Then immediately having all the other women attracted to you as well (the goldfish effect)
  • Overcome your fear of approaching strange women
  • Tell when a girl undoubtedly wants to kiss you
  • Make a girl think about getting in bed with you just by the way you use your eyes
  • Avoid doing/saying subtleties that turn her off
  • Get out of the friendzone (no matter how long you’ve known each other)
  • Build attraction
  • Turn attraction into rapport
  • Even turn rapport into her falling in love (YES, there is actually a proven formula to have a girl fall in love with you – VERY controversial & MUST NOT be abused!)
  • Get a girlfriend
  • Prevent her from ever cheating on you
  • Break up like a man (if you’re currently stuck in a crappy relationship)
  • Do all this with the 9’s and 10’s (instead of the 5’s and 6’s)

…And that does not even begin to scratch the surface…

Listen… what really surprised me was the fact that the Tao system is more than just about attracting really hot women… infallibly… over and over and over again (although it is extremely effective for that). This system literally teaches you the way of the badass.

It will make you more sociableSo yes, you will become a badass with women, but this esoteric philosophy just makes you a more amiable, more sociable, more generally “attractive” person.

That means it has HUGE positive implications for any aspect of your daily social life (just ask the social man Christian Hudson).


Because… it will improve your interactions with your boss, coworkers, friends, etc and you will certainly make more friends, be more inclined to receive a promotion, and just make other people really like you (regardless of how long you’ve already known them).

Just get ready to put yourself back in control… allow yourself to take the driver’s seat, and start dating the women you actually dream of dating… Stop settling… I did.

So is Josh Pellicer and The Tao ebook and membership something I would recommend to my very best friend? Umm… he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it after seeing my transformation, so yes, Matt already has it too (and Chris)… BECAUSE it really WORKS!

goldfish-videoHow can a goldfish help you get lucky? Click here for the free video

Anyways guys, good luck! It certainly comes highly recommended in my book, but remember, everyone is unique.

Please leave any comments or questions below.

The Kiss Technique – What A Woman’s Eyes Tell A Man

Watch The Full Video Here

Perhaps one of the most important and clear-cut indicators that a girl is attracted to you is when you kiss her and she kisses you back. The Kiss Technique is not just about getting her to think about kissing you (which is also really cool), but it is about knowing the exact right moment when to in for the kiss. How can you tell that when you go in for the kiss you’re not going to get the cold shoulder?

The video above shows Joshua’s kiss technique which gives a very strong indicator of when a girl wants you to kiss her. It is referred to as “triangulation”. It is exactly how it sounds. This happens when a girl starts to create an invisible triangle with her eyes by looking at your eyes and mouth in that pattern.

She will look at (perhaps) your left eye, then your right eye, then your mouth, and then back again. It doesn’t have to be in any specific order, but when you notice her eyes jumping around in a triangular pattern, this is… well.. triangulation. It means her brain is excited with the emotion of attraction. She subconsciously wants you to kiss her as outlined in the Obsession Formula.

Now, it is very important that you go in for the kiss at this very moment. You cannot hesitate. Hesitation sends a subconscious signal that you aren’t confident enough. The longer you wait, the more your chances for rejection will increase. Girls have a filtering mechanism for guys that is constantly being exercised. Unlike women, men are generally either instantly attracted (physically) to a woman or not at all. Of course there are exceptions to every rule, but with men, attraction comes very quickly and much easier than with women. Attraction in women is all about body language and knowing what to say as a man.

With women, it takes time to for them to know whether they like a guy or not. This is tied to human evolution. Men just want to spread their seed as much as possible, but women need to be much more selective as they are the ones who ultimate control the conception of the off-spring. Again, this is just ties back to human evolution and the biological necessity for the need to produce. Today, we aim to live in family units where both the man and the woman take care of the children, but biologically we were not specifically designed to be like this.

The fact that a woman’s filtering mechanism is much more complex and gradual than a man’s is actually good news. It means, as a guy, you have got many more chances to get with the girl you’re attracted to than visa versa.

You’re probably a guy reading this, so think to yourself for a moment. How quickly do you see yourself getting attracted to a girl? It happens pretty quickly right? You say to yourself “Oh.. that’ll do” LOL or something like that. Now when you think of all the girls you are not interested in, do you see yourself ever becoming interested in them? Think of one of those girls who had a crush on you, but you weren’t instantly attracted to. Do you ever see yourself being attracted to her?

This is great news that with women it doesn’t work this way. If it did, the human race probably wouldn’t even exist anymore today. We’d be way too selective.

Women are very selective about men by nature, but it is not about looks, money, or muscles. It is about what these things do to a man. They make him confident. However, you can instill this same confidence in yourself without any of those things.

So, want to know how to get any girl’s phone number?

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